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Absolutely, as long as you can purchase a ticket. We welcome all ethnicity’s, cultures, backgrounds and religions. The event however is for over 18’s only.

Regrettably, no under 18’s are permitted at this event.

Unfortunately not. Special permission for guide dogs is permitted and should be brought to our attention prior to the event.

Valid for South African events in 2017 only:
Your ticket includes entry to the event, 1 Bottle 0,75l Haute Cabrière Chardonnay Pinot Noir 2017, our traditional white serviette for the opening ceremony, fire sparkles for the closing ceremony & an extraordinary entertainment line-up. It also includes your chair/part of a table, but EXCLUDES all food & drinks (instead of the Chardonnay Pinot Noir mentioned before). You are welcome to bring your own picnic basket or purchase them online from our catering company. Champagne, wine & other drinks can be purchased from the bar at the event. Please note that upon arrival, guests will be seated on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis for the unreserved tickets according to the area you have booked. We encourage guests to bring their own table decor.
All guests MUST dress in all-white, with a touch of gold. There will be great prizes awarded for the best-dressed male & female.
Please send an e-mail to your ticketing provider and ask for availability.
Entertainment will run throughout the course of the day. There will be all kinds of entertainers such as; speeches, ceremonies, bands, Acts and DJ’s. We promise you won’t be disappointed! Changes with the lineup possible.
Please make sure you have received your ticket – download and print it out to be safe. Tickets MUST be brought to the venue for entry. *Please note: right of admission is reserved. NO TICKET NO ENTRY. If you didn’t receive your ticket, please send an urgent e-mail to your ticketing provider. 
Whilst precautions of safety & security are put in place, the event organizers, venue staff and affiliated sponsors cannot be held responsible in any way for any loss, theft or damages to either property or persons. All guests attend the event and enter the venue at their own risk. Paramedics will be available on site in a demarcated area; costs for any incurred treatment will be to the individuals own account. Items prohibited at the event are; open flames, braais, skottles, fireworks, guns, knives or any sharp objects that may be considered a weapon. Loudhailers, vuvuzelas, banners, kazibos, flags of any political, provocative or discriminatory nature will not be tolerated. Any drinking glasses/glass containers are discouraged if possible.
Please ensure that you book tickets in the same area and in one order. You need to arrive together in a group. Once you arrive at the venue our beautiful hostesses will greet and help to seat you if needed. You will need to let them know the exact number of people in your group and show them all printed tickets from your group.
It is a first come first serve basis for all unreserved tickets in your booked area. Please respect one another and only sit at the Area / tables you have booked. You will be asked to leave a table if you didn’t book for that area and table number.
Yes, all tickets are for tables which seat 30-60 guests in area B, C or T. You can also consider booking a private table (6 seats, Area A or A prime). Mingling & making new friends is part of the concept of this event and is highly encouraged.
Unfortunately , it’s not possible to transfer your tickets to a different city.
Absolutely YES! This is the core concept of the entire event. Please dress up in all-white with a touch of the colour of our Rainbow Nation. The colour white is symbolic of peace and unity. The Grand White is deeply passionate about sticking to the dress code, however you may choose how much you want to dress up! Beige pants are allowed, as well as shorts. You don’t need to wear white shoes but a neutral colour will be great. Anything off-white is also allowed. The venues will be on grass, so maybe reconsider wearing those high heels. Beautiful prizes will be given to the best-dressed male/female at each event! No black jeans permitted at this event.
Yes, you are allowed to bring your own food! Please note that no open flames will be allowed at the event, this includes; Braai and skottel . Warm food will be available for purchase at the event.
Yes, we will have various food stalls to top up your picnic basket. Coffee and Fresh shucked Oysters will also be available at each event.
It´s not allowed to bring in any drinks or Liquor to the event or coolerboxes. With each ticket you get 1 FREE Bottle of Haute Cabrière Chardonnay Pinot Noir 2017 0,75l . Ts&Cs apply.
*Please email VIP@thegrandwhite.com for any hospitality queries.
Yes, you can. We will accept both cash and card and some suppliers will have Snap scan etc. Beautiful bars in each city will be provided.
Yes, we’ll have all the usual beverages available.
We do encourage all guests to bring their own decor to personalize your section/table. We have some fantastic prizes to give away for the most original & beautiful table. Tents/awnings/Kazibos at the event will be discouraged as it will obstruct views and block safety exits. Fancy hats are awesome, bring em’ along!
Yes, Please bring as less glassware for safety reasons. Plastic cups are encouraged.
Paramedics and an ambulance will be on-site throughout the event to deal with any incidences or emergency.
Lost property can be collected from the hospitality/ticketing tent at the event. All unclaimed lost & found items will have their pictures taken and posted onto our Facebook page after the event to try and reunite you with your items (or loved ones)! We cannot take responsibility for any items (or loved ones) left behind.
Absolutely yes – each event in your city will have disabled toilets available in separate male & female sections.
Depends on the venue but don’t “bank” on it.
The show must go on! It is a picnic event under the open skies and stars. Should you want a covered area you can upgrade to a tented section (Area T). Come prepared whether rain or shine! Please note: NO refunds are given on account of bad weather. If we aren’t allowed to hold the event due to horrible weather, we have to postpone the event due to security reasons. The tickets are covered with a ticket insurance, so in a case of a postponement or cancellation, you’ll receive a full ticket refund through our insurer Event Protect with a “no questions asked” policy.
Please remember that drinking and driving is a criminal offence and a danger to you and others. If you are drinking at the event please allocate a designated sober driver or alternatively, you can make use of public transportation or taxi services such as Uber.
Unfortunately, in some circumstances beyond our control (heavy rains, natural disaster, floods, change of legislation) we may have no choice but to postpone or cancel the event. If your ticket is covered with a ticket insurance, in a case of postponement or cancellation, you’ll receive a full ticket refund through the chosen insurer with a “no questions asked” policy. 
Please refer to the agreed T & C’s at the time of ticket purchase. If you have any further questions please contact us on: